Support youth, more skateboard parks around Australia, not less!

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Skateboard parks need to be becoming more common place. More children skateboard, BMX, rollerblade or scoot than ever before. Time wise more children skate skateboards than actively play AFL every day and it will be from every year now.

Many council members, presumably old, still consider skateboarding and the many sub cultures from surfing and riding as a fad that will go away! Like anyone would want that! Skateboard parks always get the exact type of kid which is in need to get out and about more, outside with pleasure. Skateboard parks are an investment in our children and even their children if properly maintained, with roofs, stadiums, lights and age appropriate parks for skaters of all ages!

I live in a rural city where currently the skateboard scene is in a down turn. Businesses are not doing as well as they could, skateboard shops and shoe stores mostly, but still the culture and community for young people is completely stomped on right now. Youth need to have somewhere that they might be allowed to play and do physical activity, and where else can they go? The park doesn't draw youth crowds and their attention unless it has a skateboard park in it.

We should really be nurturing this culture instead of hanging it to dry at the whim of the old and inappropriate council members, this is going to be competed for in the Olympics and when Australia is represented we will all want to invest in it more, it is great to watch.

We need to see a commitment to change to a regular and fair upkeep of skateboard culture and skateboard parks getting a lot better for the youth and the youth to come.

Thank you for your time.

Bless you all.