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Large companies create work from home jobs to allow ill/disabled opportunity to work.

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Everyone in the disabled community is acutely aware of the massive upheaval to welfare reform. Our government is doing everything in its power to 'help' the sick and disabled back to work. It so it claims. But is it really? 

Cutting benefits and imposing sanctions only serves to instil fear and stress upon a community that could really do without it. Work related interviews, support back to work etc. is all well and good; but only if the job is suitable for the person who is being forced into it. 

It is my belief that rather than forcing ill and disabled people into 'regular' jobs that are completely unsustainable; our government should put rules in place to ensure all companies with a workforce of over 1000 employs at least 1% of its staff in entirely home working positions. With all the benefits afforded to those working outside the home, including minimum hourly wage, holidays and pension credits. Preferably these positions would be flexible hours if possible, to give us optimum opportunity to work and also maintain our health. 

Of course many disabled people are still not going to be in a position to work. But for those of us that are physically and mentally able, this would actually be a genuine way our government could help us. The press loves to portray the disabled community as lazy scroungers who choose to take from the state. But that is not the case. Most of us miss working, we suffer a deep sense of depression in not being able to provide for ourselves. This could be a relatively 'easy fix'.

Initially there may well be logistical hurdles and financial layout for the companies. But overall this would likely save them money. Many positions, from telephonists through to corporate, could easily be undertaken at home. Particularly with all the new technologies on the market. Companies would have a whole new market of talented and determined people available to them. People who still have such a lot to give. Not to mention the money they could save on premises etc. 

This petition won't only help us as a disabled community. It would be of benefit to stay at home parents. Carers. Anyone who isn't able to work in the 'conventional' manner. It's not about giving us as a community an unfair advantage. We don't need jobs created specifically for us, we need EQUAL opportunities. For us to truly have that, there has to be jobs available that we could excel in. The opportunity to work from home is the opportunity to excel. 

People may do that there are work from home positions already. Indeed there are. But they are hard to find. There's network marketing. Commission based sales. Agency work. But very few jobs provide the benefits of working in a 'standard' job. No hourly wage, holidays, pension. That's what we need to change. That's why we need more positions in the home. The technology is ready and waiting, we just need to use it! 

So please, join me in this. With this small change our government could actually do something to genuinely help not only us as a disabled community, but many others too. 

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