Support a Fishing License Price increase for Pennsylvania

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The Pennsylvania Fish Commission is in desperate need of funding. Hatcheries are closing, Pennsylvanians are losing jobs, and anglers are losing opportunities to fish. Most Anglers in the state support a fishing license increase. They understand that it is long overdue.

This petition is to show our state lawmakers just how many of us out there care about our fisheries and are not afraid to help chip in to fund the programs that provide education in schools, hire new enforcement officers, and provide a great put and take fishery.  I want to show them that they will not lose an election because of voting “yes” to a fishing license increase.

The license increase will ensure our states fisheries and educational programs will be able to continue providing fishing opportunities for years to come. Funds can help hire more law enforcement to prevent poaching of fish and other violations.

I encourage all fisherman from all backgrounds to sign this petition and show your support for a fishing license increase. The time is now to set petty differences aside such as what method of fishing we choose ,and band together to fight for our states fishing traditions. Please sign this petition and join me in ensuring that our voices be heard.

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