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Pennsylvania: Stop Agribusiness from Hiding Animal Cruelty

In recent years, whistleblowing employees have repeatedly exposed animal abuse, unsafe working conditions, and environmental problems on industrial farms. The agriculture industry’s response to these exposés has not been to prevent the abuses, but rather to try to prevent the American people from finding out about the abuses in the first place. The industry has introduced "anti-whistleblower" bills in numerous states in an attempt to make whistle-blowing on farms essentially impossible.

Pennsylvania’s anti-whistleblower bill (HB 683) must be stopped. American consumers have a right to know when animal cruelty exists on farms, and this bill is intended to keep them in the dark.

The effect of HB 683’s enactment in Pennsylvania would be to criminalize important undercover investigations by animal welfare organizations, including The HSUS's exposé into Kreider Farms. That investigation documented hens with legs, wings and heads trapped in wire cages, dead, mummified hens in cages with live, egg-laying hens and birds left for days without water, causing many to die.

Please urge your state representative to oppose HB 683.

Letter to
Pennsylvania State House
As your constituent, I urge you to oppose HB 683 (the anti-whistleblower bill). HB 683 is a severe government overreach and is opposed by a broad spectrum of groups representing civil liberties, public health, food safety, environmental, animal welfare, and First Amendment interests. The agricultural industries' own animal welfare scientific advisor, Dr. Temple Grandin, calls these anti-whistleblower laws "dumb." If passed, this law will be used by dishonest employers to intimidate and bully employees from documenting abuses.

Responsible agriculture producers ought to welcome an opportunity to share with the public how it raises animals, not cover up the abuse with laws like HB 683. This bill endangers the welfare of animals and the health and safety of consumers. As your constituent, I ask that you oppose this dangerous bill -- it's bad public policy!

Again, as your constituent, I strongly urge you to vote NO on HB 683 when it comes before you for consideration.

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