Save Edinboro University Fine Arts Department

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Edinboro's Fine Arts' department is once again highly threatened as the Pennsylvania System of Higher Education is facing pressure to cut funding and cut corners. We want to bring to attention the importance of the Fine Arts at Edinboro, and ask the PASSHE board to reconsider cutting so many fine arts programs at our school. We understand that the school system is facing financial struggles, however, cutting the arts should not be the first emergency plug to pull.

Over 80 majors will be cut in a decision set to be made by the end of THIS WEEK. Fine arts concentrations including drawing, sclupture, metalsmithing, ceramics, wood furniture, art history, as well as many of the fine arts Master's programs will be cut. Getting rid of these concentrations will have a devastating effect on the current, and future enrollment of Edinboro. About 10% of the student body at EUP is comprised of art students- and showed to be the largest group of last year's graduating class! 

Not only will these changes deny incoming students the opportunity to master these crafts, it will also take away from the experience of the majors that will remain. Having an education in art is so much more than just one concentration. The skills learned in studio classes not specific to one's major greatly expand the creative process, and increase opportunities after graduation. Many alumni have spoken out recently, highlighting the importance that their holistic arts education has been a catalyst for amazing, diverse job opportunities. Cutting so many fine arts concentrations will deny hundreds of PA residents, and students from all over the world, the chance to find their calling. 

This is not just about art students being sensitive over their majors being cut. This is about the non stop onslaught of wiping away arts education on every grade level. Humanity needs art. Humanity needs good, genuine, culturally and historically understanding artists. 

We urge PASSHE to not pass these changes, or to at least postpone the decision- until a plan to save money won't mean taking away the richness of art education Edinboro is known for across the state- across the country. 

Let us Strive.