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Block Tom Corbett from further DEP appointments

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May 13, 2013
Thomas W. Corbett, the neo-fascist Governor of Pennsylvania,
is positioned to appoint people to vacancies in the State
Department of Environmental Protection.
Corbett, as the Republican candidate for Governor of
Pennsylvania in 2010, took millions of dollars in campaign
contributions from oil and gas interests.
Obviously, Thomas W. Corbett has a conflict of interest
wider than Pennsylvania itself, which ought to preclude
his involvement in appointing any further appointees
to positions in the Department of Environmental
Protection, or any other position having to do with
State government oversight of any matters having
to do with the agriculture, fisheries, forests, geology
or soils of the State, as well as the environment.
We, the undersigned, call upon the State Supreme
Court to grant any citizens' injunction which shall
preclude any further appointment powers of Governor
Corbett in these above areas of oversight; and we
call upon the State Supreme Court to approve alternative
appointment arrangements for any such vacancies which
have occurred or shall occur in any State office as described
above, for the duration of the effective governorship of the
above named individual, Thomas W. Corbett.
Furthermore, we petition the Court to make alternative
arrangements for the appointment of any and all such
officials to fill such vacancies, via the State Supreme
Court itself appointing a committee which shall have the
power to recommend to the State legislature, such
appointments as would otherwise be made by the
Governor, absent of any such aforementioned
conflict of interest so blatant as to raise the question
of judicial injunction as in this case.
We further recommend that the individuals to be
appointed to this committee may include, as
appointment by the State Supreme Court to the
position of Committee Chairman and officers,
Joanne Fiorito, William Henry, Maria Payan and
Rebecca Power; activists on citizens' Marcellus
Shale groups; as well as Elizabeth Grieco and
Erin Agnew; and may include out-of-state experts
such as Dr. Anthony Ingraffea of Cornell University,
and Sean Ono Lennon and Angela Monti-Fox, of New York.
In this way, the consequences of conflict of interest
in this context may be scrupulously avoided for
the benefit of the greater good for the greater number.
Scott Davis
Committee of 37 Peace Initiative
PO Box 877
Edgmont, PA 19028-0877

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