Require all Pennsylvania school buses to be equipped with seatbelts

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The May 17, 2018 Mt Olive, NJ School bus crash on Rt 80 highlights both the effectiveness and imperative nature of requiring seatbelts on all school buses to protect our children.  The fact that 45 out of 47 people aboard a bus which was sheared right off its chassis survived the initial impact at the scene is undoubtedly partially attributable to the fact that the state of NJ requires seatbelts on all school buses.  Seatbelts save lives.  This is an undisputed fact.  It is the reason that the state of Pennsylvania requires that all drivers and front seat passengers in vehicles, light trucks and motor homes must wear seat belts.  Why has the state stopped short of school buses?  Why do we fail to require seatbelts in a vehicle which will undoubtedly be carrying multiple children on an almost daily basis?  Why do we fail protect our greatest asset, our children?  SIGN THE PETITION TODAY.  PROTECT AND SAVE OUR CHILDREN.  We cannot and should not put a cost on the life of a child.