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Reinstate Pre Release for RaShawn Nelson KB9161 and all PA State Inmates

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Reinstatement of the Pre Release program is vital to decreasing the serious overcrowding prison population that we are facing in Pennsylvania.

Pre Release is granted only to NON VIOLENT offenders who have completed all the required programs and remained a model inmate during their incarceration.

This program is needed not only to reduce the prison population but to also ensure inmates are reintergrated into society with the necessary tools so not to reoffend.

RaShawn Nelson KB9161 has been incarcerated since 2007. He was sentenced to 5-10 years in a state correctional institute, which would have made his minimum 2012. The PA DOC changed his minimum date from 11/2012 to 3/2015 which is unjust in itself. He has been preparing for a Pre Release program when it was decided that the program would be done away with, without notice or reason.

He has been a model inmate, completing all his programs, earning multiple certifications and earned the right to work outside the prison.

He has already earned the priviledge of working "outside the gates", what harm would it bring to have him in a Pre Release program that provides the skills needed to succeed, to become a productive member of society, to have an active role in the lives of his children.

Pre Release is an important stepping stone to the future of inmates such as RaShawn Nelson and in releving the overcrowding prison population that we face.


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