Justice for Children, Proper Punishments for Predators.

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 ***Child predators DO NOT serve the time they are sentenced and the sentencing is not long enough to begin with.  IF YOU FEEL THE PUNISHMENT DOES NOT FIT THE CRIME, PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE THIS PETITON!!***  

  Our children are our most precious commodity. They quite literally are our future, yet our laws to protect them from predators are grossly inadequate and are in serious need of reform.

*1 in 4 four girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually assaulted by the age of 18. (WYCA.org)

*Sexual abuse of children has lifetime consequences. It affects educational success, leads to post-traumatic stress, pregnancy, suicide, drug abuse, chronic health issues, depression, and anxiety. (WYCA.org)

*They are never the same, their innocence and childhood are taken from them, and their wounds will be carried with them for the rest of their lives.

    Justice for these children is our goal with this petition. The current laws established by the state of Pennsylvania as well as our federal laws concerning pedophiles and individuals in possession of child pornography are incomprehensible.

    How do we fix it? We fix it by enforcing stricter penalties on the predators. Currently, first time offenders may have their prison sentence reduced to PAROLE. Seven-year sentences are commuted down to two years.  Predators in possession of child pornography only receive probation. Plea bargains can be made to keep the offender off the Megan’s Law Registry. Why are we not protecting our children? Why are we sending these predators back into society to become repeat offenders and destroy the life of another child?

    This has to change because if we do nothing these offenders will find another child to prey upon. The results will be another generation of broken, wounded children. Our children need to be able to know that we, as the secure adults in their lives, did everything we could within our power to protect them when they were too little to protect themselves. We need to protect the innocence of our future.

    As a previous, Violence Prevention Specialist and Service Coordinator, I witnessed firsthand the suffering and trauma inflicted upon the children I worked with. The joy and wonder of life replaced with distrust and apprehension. It broke me. I have decided that I will not stop fighting until I know that ALL children are receiving the justice they deserve, and the predator is receiving what they deserve, the maximum penalty under the law.

    If it takes decades, I have resolved that I will not stop until these laws are changed. It is time our courts take these crimes against our children more seriously. If you believe in Justice For Our Children please take the time to sign this petition. Together we have the power to change their future.

Thank you,

Rebecca Heller