Change the abusive and secretive Family Court System

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My daughter has been battling for custody of our 4 beautiful grandchildren against a Narcissistic Sociopath for 2 years.  She has done everything the court asked her to do and their father has defied every single item in the court order yet do to the Lancaster County Family Court System, it rages on with the children being the losers.  Our Granddaughter has refused to see her father and has written a letter to the Judge.  He read it, gave temporary custody to her Mother and then immediately order our Granddaughter to get a Psych Evaluation at my daughters expense.  My daughter is a bus driver for the children's school district and makes a below poverty level salary and yet this has been deemed her responsibility even though this issue was caused by her abusive father.  Shouldn't he be the person getting evaluated?

In the entire 2 years nobody ever wanted to know why a stay at home Mom of 10 years with 4 children - the youngest being just over a year, would literally flee with her children to low income housing and a below poverty level job.  As matter of fact, her Judge in the case, Judge Workman actually said in the initial proceeding that he did not want to hear anything that happened prior to 12/06/2014. The day she left.

There is no rhyme or reason to court rulings and no accountability.  In 2 years we have spent all of our retirement savings and just don't know what to do.  We live in fear everyday that our daughter will lose custody to her abuser and the children will suffer a life sentence.

The entire process is complicit, lawyers, court appointed mediators - everything comes down to money and the person who runs out last is the winner of the children as though they are some sort of door prize.

It is despicable that the people who need the most protection are the ones getting none while the Judges and Lawyers line their pockets and write their own rules.

My husband of 36 years served our country for 11 years in the Navy and spent the next 22 years upholding the law as a police officer.  We always believed in the law and our court system until now.

The system needs to change and Judges need to be held accountable for their actions and attorneys taken to task for bleeding the protective parent dry and then blaming them for losing.

Everyone talks about the problem but nobody really does anything.  It is a disgrace.

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