PGC's CWD response plan

PGC's CWD response plan

January 6, 2020
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Started by Barron Taylor

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Is the PA Game Commission looking out for the best interest of PA wildlife?
Here is a question that I have begun to ask myself after observing several bill boards posted in the area
lately by the PA Game Commission (PAGC). Is the PA Game Commission looking out for the best interest
of PA wildlife? After a little research and reviewing the PAGC “CWD Response Plan Proposal” I really
began to ask myself the question even more. For you that have not read the proposal, I highly suggest
starting with that and it is found here
RelatedDiseases/Documents/Draft%20CWD%20Response%20Plan.pdf. There is even a webinar from
PAGC on YouTube that was performed in September of 2019 and it is found here for you that don’t like
to read . I’m sure most hunters have heard something regarding the CWD
hysteria that is being spread all over the Country. Each state has handled this differently and there are
many different case studies being performed.

First, what is CWD? CWD stands for Chronic Wasting Disease which was discovered in 1967 in Colorado
in a whitetail deer. CWD has been identified in all North American cervid species (deer). It is found in
24 of the 50 States and in 2 Canadian Provinces. CWD is found in the brain and spinal column of the
animal and is highly contagious among the cervid species. The disease is believed to be caused by prions
that can be transmitted by animal to animal contact through saliva, urine, blood, antler velvet and feces.
However, there has been some recent research by Dr. Frank Bastian, a neuropathologist from LSU that
claims that CWD is actually a bacteria (called spiroplasma) and that he has been able to grow and create
CWD cultures which DOES NOT support the prion theory. This could be a huge break through! Because if
CWD is a bacteria, then an antibiotic and vaccine could be created providing a cure.

Here is an article describing Dr Frank Bastian's studies:

Edit: Culling has not proved to be an effective method of controlling CWD when tried elsewhere. Let's urge our representatives to push for more research and not let our herd be decimated. It will take many decades to bring herd numbers back anywhere near where they are today.

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Signatures: 189Next Goal: 200
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