Parks and Streets Climate Preservation Act and Action

Parks and Streets Climate Preservation Act and Action

December 3, 2019
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Started by Address Earth

Parks and Streets Climate Preservation Act and Action

In the face of climate change, there is the gravest need to be best practice proactive, this petition is for legislatures to act to create legislation for best practices for green infrastructure for our children's future to make a change for climate change.  In all cities. In all states.  This would include prohibiting high grade worst practice cutting for money, in all U.S. and community Parks. It has become an epidemic.  And, that for CO2 mitigation,  and to counter the massive forest fires across the world, that ordinances and legislation is passed to corridor all streets to purify our children's air,  and environmentally stabilize our communities. See the documentary link below for all best practice education. for climate education. 

The Green Connection Documentary - Making a Change for Climate Change

Premier Preview - The Land 

Produced by Diane Christin


This film addresses how communities, the people and their leaders, the men, and woman who craft their communities, that put our green infrastructure and best practices into place are making changes for climate change. 


As the founder of the children's environmental org. Children’s Gardens Butterflies for Kids, that morphed into I Am A Planet Kid, that spun out Plant it Forward Community Tree Planting Initiative, I continued to see the evolution of worst environmental infrastructure practices within our communities.


 I saw a lack of education, and shocking and growing propaganda negating the environmental climate education of our own that is aligned with the Paris Climate Agreement.    


This documentary is to be a green toolbox of sorts.  A how-to help repair and rebuild the tragedy of climate events that have created destruction and wiped out infrastructure.


This documentary  is about, and highlights, moving forward with prudent planning and most of all the ordinances and tools that will make the difference in all communities.


 We all connect to make one country, one world. One Planet.  And, countries are working together in the awareness that the dark forces of fossil fuels are the Darth Vader of our planet.


Together, we can work to combat these dark forces and turn them into a green plan for the good of the whole. Green Infrastructure. Renewables. To name just a few. 


 My onboard team of professionals within the documentary comprises the boots on the ground green professionals.  From foresters to research scientist, to citizens working to build their green infrastructure within their communities. I owe a great thanks to all these hard-working and dedicated people for coming on board for this important work. It has been a year long endeavor of massive co operation and to all of you I owe gratitude for this documentary is your best practices brought to the people of a planet.


I also give acknowledgment to Sarah-Charlop Powers whose comment within the U.S.Forestry Webinar "Rekindling The Forest in Our Cities”. Her comment  "there is a disconnect between governance and the boots on the ground people" 

Those words were the driving impetus compelling me to begin this work. I was among those boots on the ground people for 20 plus years. The frustration is mirrored throughout a world. 


It is time that we make the connection of the best practices that exist and connect them to all communities. To all countries. For the sake of our children’s future. Our collective home this this “One Planet”.


 “It’s the address we all share - Address Earth - Handle with Care” dcze

Fac - Connecting us to Best Practices

Pennsylvania Parks and Streets Climate Preservation Act - with a People’s Petition

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Signatures: 18Next Goal: 25
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