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Chinese-American Christian Hall was brutally murdered on December 30th, 2020. He was experiencing a mental health crisis yet the police were not able to respond appropriately. 

Shortly after his death, the Pennsylvania state police released a report stating that Christian possessed a firearm and that he was uncooperative with the police. They stated in the report that Christian picked up the firearm and attempted to use it against the police, and so they fired at him. In a newly released video from a nearby pedestrian, it showed that Christian had his hands raised in the air and that he never attempted to reach for the firearm. Even after the video, the police officers responsible for his death were able to continue with their jobs. 

This type of treatment to POC is disgusting and we are tired of it. We must all take a stand together, united, to reconstruct this corrupt system. Without the help of everyone, the system will forever stay this way so please do your part and spread this message. 


Here’s what you can do to help:

* Create and sign petitions about and related to this issue

* Educate family, friends, and others about this issue

* Speak up on this issue!

* Peacefully protest about this issue