Impeach PA Governor Tom Wolf

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Jimmy Orsag
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Tom Wolf is a petty tyrant of a governor who has used his Pennsylvania office to destroy the lives of hard-working citizens in a quest for a new totalitarian form of government.

He has doubled down on the hysteria for a virus that is no more dangerous than a seasonal flu.  He has ignored all other options such as building up immune systems and focusing on herd immunity in favor of already discredited models and he continues to put the citizens of Pennsylvania on house arrest.

Here in Beaver County, we have 78 "alleged" deaths from COVID-19 ... and 71 of those "alleged" deaths are from people in nursing homes (The majority from Brighton Rehab).  Should an entire county suffer because the PA Department of Health dropped the ball on one nursing home?

His arbitrary closures look more like political vendettas and typical patronage and you don't need to look any further than his own cabinet-making business which is apparently so essential.

Tom Wolf has overstepped his bounds and has violated the federal constitution in numerous ways.  He needs to be impeached, recalled or removed from office for criminal activity.

Please sign this petition and pass it on to everyone you know.  Our very liberty is at stake ... whether you are Democrat, Republican or whatever.  We need to protect what American stands for ... and that means standing up against tyranny.