Help Remove the Pennsylvania Film Production Tax Credit Cap of $70Mill #NOCAP

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Help Remove the Cap on the Pennsylvania's Film Tax Credit. 


Soundsight Productions, Philadelphia's newest production company is dedicated to the film community and has developed a petition for Pennsylvania and filmmakers dedicated to keeping jobs in PA. As film lovers and Pennsylvania residents we have a duty to bring awareness and inform our lawmakers of the billions of dollars we are missing out on each year by the PA film tax cap. Legislators can remove the cap and invite hundreds of productions into Pennsylvania, thus creating hundreds of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in revenue each year. Pennsylvania is a very beautiful and dynamic state offering many options for filmmakers. Pennsylvania's production value is priceless, with everything from PA's landmarks, gorgeous architecture, unique geography and captivating views. We must remove the tax cap, create films and jobs! Sign the petition and help bring jobs and film revenue to Pennsylvania! 


The Pennsylvania film tax credit is a 25% credit offered to productions that spend at least 60% of their total budget in Pennsylvania, currently capped at $70 million.


The credit can only cover a handful of productions annually usually allocated 6 weeks into the fiscal year. Filmmakers and Crew Members are forced to look for work in places like Atlanta and Los Angeles because there are significantly less opportunities in Pennsylvania due to the cap on the film tax credit.

By keeping this cap on the tax credit, Pennsylvania is forgoing billions of dollars in revenue. The cap drives filmmakers to other states where the credit is uncapped. 

See article for more information here.

See article for more information here.

In 2019, 3 major productions were set in Philadelphia but filmed elsewhere because of the restrictions of the PA film tax credit. A production company that wants to shoot in Philadelphia, or Pittsburgh instead of shooting on location will film in a state that looks similar to PA that offers film tax credit. They would provide the jobs for that state, leaving PA without those film jobs.


When a movie or television show shoots on location, it brings jobs, revenue, and related infrastructure development, providing an immediate boost to the local economy. The film industry pays out $49 billion per year to more than 280,000 businesses in cities and small towns across the country; and the industry itself is comprised of more than 93,000 businesses, 87 percent of which employ fewer than 10 people. As much as $250,000 can be injected into local economies per day when a film shoots on location.

Film Industry Economic Contribution: here.

The economic impact of the uncapped film credit in Georgia is estimated to be above $9 billion. The average feature film can create anywhere from 500-3,500 jobs as well as increase revenue in many industries of the shoot location. The revenue generated would be going into the pockets of:

Writers, Set Designers, Make Up Artists, Crewing, Catering, Editors, Casting Directors, Storyboard Artists, Actors, Cinematographers, Photographers, Graphic Designers, Student Hiring, Restaurants, Hotels, Drivers, Craftspeople, Wardrobe Shops, Carpenters, Adversing markets, Makeup Artists, Dry Cleaners,  and the overall local market. 


Our goal in the film community is to get 1,000,000 digital signatures by October 1, 2020. The petition will be sent to state legislators and Governor Tom Wolf's office.