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Give grandparents the rights they deserve!

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My son and daughter-in-law and their two sons lived with me from the time my grandsons were born until they were two and three years old, when their parents separated.   Although their custody agreement gave their Mother physical custody of the boys, my son and I had custody every other weekend and were entitled to phone calls at 7:00 pm every evening.  Despite this agreement, my daughter-in-law elected to have my grandsons stay with my son and me every weekend from Friday after school until 7 or 8 pm on Sundays, we alternated holidays.  I was the one who would take care of them when they were sick.  Not only did I take them to the doctors when they were sick, but I helped them with school related issues and for all of last summer one of my grandsons lived with me. I was pretty much their primary caretaker and the most stable person in their lives. I also took responsibility for their religious education.  When I hosted a celebration for one of my grandson’s Christening, his mother didn’t even show! I feel I have always been more of a mother to them than a grandmother.  Recently, my son had legal issues and was arrested for misdemeanors.  I continued to have my grandsons live with me every weekend during his absence.  Suddenly, and with no forewarning, everything changed.  My daughter-in-law cut me out of my grandsons’ lives without any explanation.  Their Christmas presents have been in my living room for 3 months and their mother will not even let me speak with them on the phone!  I petitioned the courts only to find out that as a grandmother, I have no rights because my grandsons have not recently lived with me for 6 consecutive months.  I have as much rights to see them as a stranger according to the laws in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The boys love me and I love them.  I am a responsible, wholesome person, with a full time job and perfect credit and I own my own home.  I have no criminal record and never even had a traffic ticket.  I would do anything for those boys. We have been ripped out of each other’s lives, for no reason.   I worry about them every day and the environment in which they are living.   Please help me change this law so that responsible and loving grandparents can be a presence, and in some cases a beacon of light in the lives of their grandchildren.  

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