Economic/Scholastic Equality

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In observance of unequal funding practices in the state of Pennsylvania, Parents and residents of the state wants funding into schools instead of prisons. Also, we want a better school curriculum in low-income areas. The Pennsylvania Department of Education released a list of underachieving schools in Philadelphia. The list was generated off of Pennsylvania System of School Assement (PSSA) scores. Majority of the schools on the list are in low-income neighborhoods. Ironically, most people who are imprisoned are from low-income families.

 Over the last few years, A significant number of schools and libraries have closed permanently in Philadelphia. The school district of Philadelphia claims that there is no funding to keep the schools open. On the other hand, the state has funding to build a new prison costing approximately  $350 million dollars. The prison construction is the second largest project in Pennsylvania. We want our tax money to secure a positive future in our children, not negative. 

 School closings have a negative effect on our children.  Children are placed in crowded classrooms, which results in students not being able to receive needed attention from their instructors. Because of school closings and poor curriculum, they aren't able to compete on employment exams. Many teachers are laid off. 

In the end, we want equal funding and the same curriculum for our children as our affluent counterparts. There wouldn't be a need for prisons if there are good schools and programs for our children.