December 2 to be made Child Loss Awareness day

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Friends, I NEED your help!
It has been brought to my attention that there is no real awareness focusing on just child loss. People seem to think that finding out what each child’s cause of death is what they should be remembered for, instead of the fact that they were a child taken from this world much too soon while their parents and families are left here shattered.
I want to bring light to this and am hoping for your support to somehow creating a nation (World) wide Child Loss Awareness day.
I have been working with Adrienne, who is also a mother to an angel named Norah. We have been discussing the possibilities of bringing an awareness to this heartbreak. We would like to ask you to declare December 2 as a day for this nation to be mindful of any parent that has lost a child regardless of the child’s age.  We would like the ribbon to be made yellow and red for child loss awareness. Yellow is a color that Adrienne associates with Norah's beautiful light. Red has always been Marybear's favorite color.
November and December are extremely difficult months for parents who no longer are able to hug, love and cherish their angel children because of all of the holidays in those months. I chose December 2, because that is the day my daughter was declared brain dead and it would bring me great comfort knowing that the people of this country and world are being made aware of child loss and being mindful to any parent that has lost a child. Basically turning a nightmare day for myself into something much greater, more beautiful and special to try to balance out terribleness associated with it.

Please help me reach the people that can help make this an official observance.