Autism & ASD Need More TSS’s

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My child with autism has had a very difficult time getting and keeping daycare without a therapeutic staff support (TSS). He was on a waiting list for over three years and once he did get the service it was for one month and then he went back on the waiting list. During the time he was not accepted into many daycares due to his behaviors and their lack of training. Once he got into a daycare the lack of the TSS caused for missed days at work and my eventual unemployment.

Unfortunately, TSS staff are in high demand but are paid very low wages despite their prerequisite college degrees. They are usually being paid between $9-12/hr. This creates high turn over rates and many not seeking this field—which is necessary to assist children on the spectrum. Unfortunately there are some places having uneducated personnel with minimal training dealing with children on the spectrum. 

This lack of TSSs in the state of Pennsylvania and all over leads to unemployment and missed days of work for parents. It leads to children not being able to attend daycares and school if there are no supports. It interrupts other children in the school setting. Tell Pennsylvania legislators we want higher funding set aside for Autism support that can lead to increased paraprofessionals entering the TSS field and in order for agencies to hire qualified educated well paid TSSs for children with Autism.