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My name is Juliana Love. It is my goal to run for Congress as a Representative for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; Congressional 13th District (Republican) in Gettysburg. But before I can be added to the ballot in 2020, I must first have 1,000 signatures. These signatures can be outside the Commonwealth.

First and foremost, I am a Christian. I love my God who shed His grace on this beautiful land I call home. I am an American! I am proud to be an American. But here of late, we are called "racist" for our pride in our American Flag. Our President is accused of racism because he said that if you do not like this country, then you can leave. But truthfully, if it were a sunny day and the President said so, he would be called a racist because the sun is yellow, or burns orange. It doesn't matter what good President Trump has done, the Left will find a way to dismantle it or discredit it. I simply can no longer stomach the horrific actions of the Democratic Liberals in Congress. I cannot sit back and watch our beautiful country continue to be demoralized, by people who wish to bring it to Socialism.

My agenda for wanting to run for Congress is simple. I love our country. I love our people. I even love those who want to come into this country. But expecting them to come into this country legally is not racism, it is patriotism. This is what the Left wants removed, our patriotism. They want us to forget our Founding Fathers and what it took during the Revolutionary War with George Washington and the Continental Army, to make this country a free Nation. They want to trash our Declaration of Independence and Constitution as if they were nothing more than worthless pieces of paper. They want us to forget our Civil War, mostly the Confederate Heritage by claiming again and again that the Confederates were racist - never mentioning the fact that there were those in the North that also owned slaves. They blantantly and purposely ignore the facts that the Civil War was not started due to slavery. Instead, they use it as an excuse for their evil propaganda, intentionally misleading the public. The Left refuses to acknowledge truth, facts and reality, by twisting them with misinformation, lies, and false accusations. 

They continue to block funds for military families and much needed healthcare for our Veterans. But, they want to give illegals, American benefits for free. If the above weren't enough, they continue to block prenatal care should a helpless baby survive an abortion. No! These heartless people, would rather let these babies who are unable to defend themselves, die alone on a cold and empty table. These barbaric Lefts have chosen to legalize late term abortion as well. So instead of allowing a loving family to adopt a beautiful and healthy baby, they choose instead to kill him or her. I cannot wrap my head around such savagely and cruel treatment of a helpless newborn. Yet, this country will put in jail anyone who brings harm to our Nations bird - the Eagle! 

THIS IS NOT THE AMERICA I GREW UP IN! No! We stood for the flag. We knelt for the Cross! We have people in Congress who cannot say that 911 was an act of terrorism. Facebook removes photos of 911, as well as other social media outlets. They have reduced 911 to some people doing something. Let's say that to the innocent victims, the heroes of the FDNY and the NYPD in which some of them also lost their lives. Let's tell that to the children who lost their father or mother, or the mothers and fathers who lost a child, or a husband who lost a wife, and a wife her husband. This injustice burns within me and why I can no longer sit back and watch my country, this GREAT LAND OF AMERICA, be turned into a barren nation full of evil and wicked people. We are better than this, my friends. There are those of us who feel as I do. We must stand up together and take this country back. We must stand with our President and support him. We must rise up for our freedoms to keep our guns. What was it that Adolf Hitler once stated?  "To conquer a Nation, one must first disarm its citizens."  

We must not only think of the here and now, but twenty or thirty years in the future. If America continues on this course, could she really fall into the hands of Socialism?  My friends, let's not find out.

Let's bring men and women to Congress who are Patriotically Correct, and not Politically Correct! 

I have written several books on this subject. You can find them by clicking on the link below. 


God Bless You and this Great Nation of America!

Thank you for your support!

Juliana Love



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