Change in the School Bullying Program through a New Law

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To truly force schools to actually use their “0% Tolerrance”. 

K-Dogs Kidz Bullying/Harassment Law

Schools must report in Public Records their List of School Student/Parent Complaints of any type of Harassment Filed, followed by a List of how many reports are completed and closed. (signed by the Principal, District Superintendent, Student and Parent (legal guardian in order to close).       This is the basis of this New Proposed Law. Not the unreadable version being prepared by the attorney. 

People most offen look at school ratings when moving into an area. Parents or future parents want to know how Good is the school district. Realators use this as a top selling point. Schools cannot have a bad report. So with this Law schools would have to actually do the 0%. Not just claim falsely that they are 0%!

Currently, schools post all their positives. My son Kyle was in the Gifted Program and that’s when I realized my son was actually a selling point on grades for the school. The better a school performs the higher the area pushes forward in property.  Also helps to their advantage in budgeting and grants. 

So who sees the cons?                  Right Now = No One. They are kept internal and only parents that have to deal with harassment of their child truly sees how much a school cares of their children. 

             With the presented                 K-Dogs Kidz Bullying/Harassment Law

The Public (WE) will be able to see the pros and the cons. Becoming Public Information will force schools to truly implement the “0% Policy”

Yes their will be those rude people that will say “Have your kid fight it out stop babying your kid!”   Here’s to these people my Son’s friends were bullied and then it turned to him!  When I first found out I told my boy why did you not stick up for your friend before? Now it’s you face him. My son was hit again and he said if he does anything he will get suspended. Unlike most parents I’ve been in Martial Arts over 30 years. I did competition, instructing and owned my own school for 15+ years. I asked my Son to choose deal with me or deal with the school. He was intelligent and picked deal with the school. Lol. He took out this child into tears the first punch the bully did. This bully never picked on another child! Due to my son.   Of course this made Kyle a hero to the kids.   The problem is not every school has a parent with my background or a child that can take out whoever they may need to and never become a bully over themselves. 

Now my son should of never been bullied and maybe I shouldn’t of made my child half to pick. However I was a fighter and my son was going to be twice as good as I was! His first baby picture was in a tiny martial arts uniform ❤️.

If you’ve read this far then you need to know that I thank you for signing.  Now you must know that the last 4 years and the rest of my life, I live everyday in such pain. At 11 years old I loss everything when Kyle was in a tragic car accident. �.  I got a phone call that my son was gone.... I will never see Kyle again until my end!  I count the days�. While praying not to have a long dragged out life.��

In honor of my son I created the Motorcycle &Social Club:  

           K-Dogs Kidz                                          A Voice for Innocent Children              In Memory of my Kyle                        With a lot of help From my Pastor Chris Hezlep at Ridgewood Assembly of God. 

I am not sure if you can leave remarks on the petition. If not I will create an extra Facebook page “K-Dogs Kidz Petitioned Stories. If you’ve had experiences concerning your child please feel free to tell your story. Leave pics if you desire and feel free to mention the school and/or district. 

Why is this only Pennsylvania? That’s were I live, and I have to start somewhere. Copy this info and take it to your School Board Meeting. Currently there is a school that fines the parents because it got so out of hand. If we get one district willing to make a stand using the New.               K-Dogs Kidz Bullying/Harassment Law We will take it and that school will be ahead of it’s time and Honored by all!


The families and children that we try to help with other bikers is sad. I’ve got kids in hospitals, ones with concussions and the school refuses to show the video and now a few schools have monitors to watch over. Another school fake, the whole bus of kids are jumping All around and fighting 4 feet behind the monitor. People that have been showed to different  parents all have the same story that the monitor refuses to look back at the kids and claims they seen nothing!  These people work for us! Our taxes pay for all these people to do nothing for our children. 





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