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We request that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania end and reverse its unresolved discrimination against Cheyney University, the oldest Black institution of higher learning in America.

It has come to our attention that historic Cheyney University, an all-time great institution, now has an all-time low student enrollment with an all-time high budget deficit. It also has come to my attention that this dire situation is the direct result of decades long and ongoing racial discrimination.


 This began even before 1969 when the United States government officially determined that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania was one of just ten states where racial discrimination in higher education endured. It continued in 1980 when Cheyney students, faculty, and staff were compelled to file an ultimately successful civil rights lawsuit. It persisted in 1983 when the Commonwealth, for the first time in its entire history, finally submitted its anti-discrimination plan to the federal government. And it lingers even after the Commonwealth in 1999 signed- but has failed to completely comply with- an anti-discrimination agreement initiated by the Office for Civil Rights. And the ugly residue of this long-term racial discrimination adversely impacts Cheyney to this very day in 2013.


 Accordingly, we the undersigned, support Heeding Cheyney’s Call (, and its efforts to seek “parity through equity” as expressed in its September 23, 2013 letter. Therefore, we respectfully ask the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania immediately to respond to each of the seven issues raised therein, to end the aforementioned racial discrimination, to forthwith settle the lawsuit filed by Heeding Cheyney's Call on October 29, 2014, and to do so in a manner that respects Cheyney's past, supports its present, and promotes its future. I also ask that you contact:



Heeding Cheyney’s Call


c/o Law Office of Michael Coard


36th Floor


One Liberty Place, 1650 Market Street


Philadelphia, PA 19103

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