Criminalize the Exploitation of Children

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Pennsylvania must criminalize, Exploitation of Children! 

A child is exploited when a parent blatantly uses a child for personal gain.

Child Exploitation is common during or after separation and divorce.  Particularly when conflict arises. 

A child can be exploited when:
  (A)  one parent uses a child to extort child support from the other parent.  This act is generally accompanied by an unfair withdraw of physical, over-night time with the other parent.  In extreme cases, a parent will attempt to alienate a child from the other parent, resulting in 100% physical custody. 
  (B) one parent uses a child as a pawn to control a situation.  "you can see your son/daughter after you pay child support"  "sign this divorce decree, then your can see your son/daughter"
  (C) one parent uses the child as revenge to hurt the other parent.  "he/she cheated on me, he/she doesn't need to see the child."

Actions used to exploit a child causes significant emotional and mental stress to that child.  It also effects the target parent emotionally & mentally.  A sudden change in status quo is not in the best interests of the child and severs maintained normality. Adding a complete change of residence, schools, friends, and other life issues to the mountain of insecurities brought about by the divorce / separation of their parents is seen to have a negative affect on the children.

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