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Protect Freedom of Speech: Pass SLAPP Reform in PA

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All people, whether they are individuals or in organizations like community associations, civic groups, neighborhood associations, small businesses; all need a voice in how our local and state authorities operate.  Local government and state government work with the public and seek input from the public in order to carry out their duties.  Oftentimes people and groups disagree and when that happens it can sometimes lead to SLAPP lawsuits launched by one side to shut the other side up.

SLAPP suits are Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation.  It is a run-around of the First Amendment by abusing the procedures of the court system to silence critics.  By entangling your opponent in expensive litigation you can effectively silence your opponent even if you know you don't have any shot at winning the lawsuit.  The point of a SLAPP suit is not to win, it's to silence and intimidate.

Here's a perfect example of a SLAPP suit harming people right now:  Northern Liberties, the City, the Police and two blog sites are all among a large host of defendants in Marc Stein vs. City of Philadelphia, et. al.   You can read more about the lawsuit here:

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