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In all fairness, is it morally correct to impose a 2-4 years violation on a mans life for such a frivolous violation. In all understanding, we all break laws, wether it’s running a red light or not fully stopping at a stop sign. Whatever the case may be I think the conduct of the individual that’s on parole or probation should be considered before a sentence is handed down in such manner. I would hate for that to be my family member, and not only that but a productive family member that has made a living for himself. Some individuals stereotype a person based upon their title. If a rapper/entertainer title places a negative connotation upon the judgement of a individual, then that person deserves justice beyond a different measure. I would myself hate to be in this same situation in life, and I hope that God places some type of understanding in the person/persons  who is over this ruling to be overturned into a lesser sentence. 

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