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Make Street and Knights Road intersection safer in Bensalem Township PA

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Named last year by Times Magazine ''The deadliest intersection in America'', Street Road and Knights Road intersection in Bensalem Township, PA, has become synonymous with death and fear by pedestrians, businesses and medical facilities such as my office located at the intersection. Most recent tragedy struck this highway on 3/24/15 when a 28 years old woman was hit by two cars and died on the scene. 

We petition Governor Tom Wolf so that he may direct his utmost attention to this intersection and fast track approvals to make the intersection safe for everyone. Per federal Highway Administration guidelines, we ask that following be implemented:

1) Ensure that the traffic signal, and specifically the red display, is visible from a sufficient distance, therefore improving signal conspicuity which captures the motorists' attention as most accidents happen due to drivers' inability to stop at the light.

2) Since most people claim they cannot see the signal as they commit these violations, it should be ensured that the signal is visible from a sufficient distance upstream and the signal display is larger. 

3) Increase likelihood of stopping by putting up Signal Ahead signs and adding Advance Warning flashers. 

4) Adding pedestrian light to the intersection signal for both horizontal and vertical crossing and to the adjacent plazas on Knights Road. 

5) Commission a traffic study and have the city planner recommend changes which will add and sustain safety for pedestrians and drivers alike.

6) Install signal cameras.

7) Build sidewalks.

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