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   The truth about my grandson Darion Levanowitz. My name is Susan Cook, my grandson was lied to by a young girl about her proper age. He was given a harsh sentence and is now serving a 33 months to 17 year sentence in a State Prison. I am asking Governor Tom Wolf for a Pardon. It has been 3 long years, and I think he has done enough time.

   This all started in 2013, when he was 17, and met this girl at a Football game. He had a band, and his drummer dropped out, so he was looking for a drummer, and she said she could play. She said that she was 16, and in the 8th grade. He asked her why she was still in 8th grade, and she explained she was held back. He didn't question her any further because she looked 16, and was with people who were that age and older.

   He had wanted them to be about the same age because of practicing. She also mentioned that she had a boyfriend who was 17, and asked if he knew him. He said, he did. He gave her his phone number, and said if something changes give me a call, which she did a little over a month later, soon after he turned 18. She texted him and said that her band broke up, and she was available to join his band. So it came down to hearing her play. She made the time and the place.

   When he went to her house, she said she had broken up with her boyfriend, and he consoled her and she started to do other things. She invited him back a few days later, this was when he told her he did not want her in his band. She got sad and he made the mistake and give her a hug, and she started things to happen again. He told her that he did not want to continue a relationship with her.

    She knew that he already had a girlfriend. He felt so bad about betraying his girlfriends trust, that he broke off his 10 month relationship just days after this.  About one week later he was called into the Police Barracks. He was asked if he was with this girl, and he said yes. He thought something had happened to her.

   The Officer told him he had committed a crime, and that he would be arrested for Statutory Rape. He said why she was 16. This is the Legal age in Pennsylvania. The Officer informed him she was not 16 but 13. The Judge told him that he was no longer able to attend his Senior year in school, and he was not able to work. He was put on House arrested for a year, which did not count towards his sentencing.

   It was the Commonwealth who pressed the charges, NOT this girl or her family. The whole thing got so misconstrued in the courtroom the first day, that I kept records. I want to get him out of Prison! I think he has done enough time, this was consensual but the law took the consent away. There is no mistake as to age law for someone under 14. And it does not fall under Romeo and Juliet law, because he would have to be 17, and she would have to be under 3 years apart. The State rounds up the years.

    This type of case is considered a slam dunk case for the DA. We found this all out when we were fighting for him. I would like to correct these problems, for all who are affected by these bad Laws. If you need to learn more read, NOT Tier Three and Violent at 

Thank you, I need to bring my grandson home!

His grandmother Susan Cook 


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