Stop Pennsylvania Gun Registration House Bill 768

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Pennsylvania House Bill 768

House bill 768 treats every day law abiding gun owners like criminals.That are guilty until proven innocent.Legal gun owners will have to register each gun they own every year an pay $10 per gun per year.You will also be required to have 2 passport style forms of Photo ID or any other information that that Police want.Gun owner will also have to have there finger prints on record with police.If this does not infringe the rights that are guaranteed by US Constitution and The Bill of Rights nothing does.This bill is being perposed by Rep Angel Cruz,Rep Mary Isaacson & Rep Mary  Jo Dalely.They are treating law abiding citizens like criminals.And this bill will create more legal problems the every day gun owners.It is a way that the state will be selling you your 2nd Amendment Right back if you can afford it. HELP STOP THIS BILL FROM PASSING.