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Stop forcing healthcare workers to receive the Flu Vaccine & Masking those who cannot!

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The CDC recommends people get vaccinated against the influenza virus each year. This has caused many healthcare organizations to mandate workers to either get a flu shot or wear a mask during long shift some as many as 12 hours. Masking workers not only is embarrassing but also violates the persons right to privacy as he/she must explain to asking patients why they are wearing a mask. In addition to this, it makes breathing difficult, causes skin breakouts when sensitive, and can produce undue anxiety in those who suffer from claustrophobia. This is all in an effort to prevent the spread of the flu which is not curable and there is no definitive prevention guarantee. Common sense and good hand washing is key to prevention. Those who are allergic to vaccine cannot take it and are punished as well! In addition to this, often times the wrong Strain of the flu virus is predicted and other strains are actually present rendering this mandatory vaccine null. There are also many complications to receiving the flu vaccine locally and systemically including Guillan Barre syndrome, and then who is responsible for those poor outcomes as this was mandatory? Who is liable for complications of mandatory vaccination? Please stop forcing people to be injected with this vaccine if they choose not to. Stop masking healthcare workers who are well versed already in standard precautions and stop punishing people for their right to refuse by secluding them from their coworkers and firing them for their choice! Stop allowing big Pharm and Corporations get into the pockets of the government and the CDC and stand up for all our rights to choose! Protect pregnant healthcare workers who are tragically forced to give up the right to choose not to expose an unborn fetus to this vaccine in order to keep their job ... the effects are not clearly known. Protect Healthcare workers with the same HIPAA guidelines patients enjoy. We are not going to be silent. It is our body and our choice! 

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