Implement the Kratom Consumer Protection Act in Pennsylvania

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For those among both the American Kratom Association (AKA), as well as a myriad of responsible, adult consumers; the FDA, DEA and others have sought to ban this holistic medicine, based in fear and scare tactics rather than scientific rigor. This would result in the banning of this benign, natural product. All scientific rigor (alongside centuries of safe consumption in Thailand, Indonesian and other far Eastern countries) has concluded there is no more rational to ban or place this benign herb on the Scheduled Substances Act than there would be a rational for banning coffee, or tea. 

As political and a social activist (and a cooperative of the A.K.A), I propose that the citizens of the state of Pennsylvania follow the lead of Georgia and Utah's state governments in passing HB 551 and SB 58, calling for safe regulation of this herb, rather than banning kratom. Kratom has saved my life and improved its quality (along with the lives of many others). Regulation at the state level may be the best recourse for the safety of consumers; and keeping this herbal supplement accessible to those among us who seek responsible consumption to improve our quality of life.