Allow Jeep Wranglers to Legally Drive Doorless in the Great State of Pennsylvania

Currently, the PA inspection code states - § 175.77 (f) Doors. A vehicle specified under this subchapter shall be equipped with doors of a type used as original equipment. The doors shall open and close securely unless the vehicle has been manufactured or modified to the extent that there is no roof or side. Tailgates, except on vehicles where the tailgate gives access to the passenger compartment, may be replaced with wood planking, nets or other material that will prevent loss of load. Tailgates may be removed when optional equipment, for example a truck camper, is added.

We are petitioning the Governor, House and Senate of PA to update the above inspection code to allow Jeep Wranglers to drive doorless, one of the wonderful features of an American icon vehicle.

PA has after-market vendors, professional training and trail facilities, dealerships and most importantly, law abiding, tax paying voters that drive jeeps.

Come on Governor Wolf, we've seen your jeep, you've got to understand. 

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