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A Man Who Deserves To Be Pardon

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I Monique Teagle am begging for help!  I asked if you could PLEASE help the Teagle Family & HEAR the story of my brother Omar K. Teagle Sr., who's been wrongfully convicted, leaving behind five academic children which the eldest three college students and two little ones to follow.  We need my brother's story told & heard and we believe that you the people are the only ones who can help us make it happen! This MASS INCARCERATION MUST END! Below is just half of his story...  

The Teagles reside in a beautiful home located in Townsend Delaware.
Omar K. Teagle Sr., 42 years old, a husband and father of five children who was  sentence to 16 years in prison.  Tuesday June 14, 2016 at 11:00 AM in front of Honorable Judge Petrese Tucker. Omar begged for the court mercy in front of several supporters for his freedom as he announced his innocence. Omar at the end of his speech said "I falling on financial hard times trying to play catch up & coming home to 7 years of debt. Having a $2800.00 mortgage, two older children college tuition past due with the third oldest having to pay for his college tours along with my two youngest partaking in athletic sports camps and with utilities, credit debt and needing to feed my family, not being able to get a job from being a convicted felon my back was up against the wall. I as a MAN I've always provided, lead, protect and pray for family.  I'd was vulnerable, feared of losing everything I'd worked hard for so that my children could have a better life then I had growing up in South Philly.

I FEARED of having to move my children back to a city plague with crime, so yes I made some bad decisions on talking to a few people who wanted me to distribute drugs, but I didn't go forward in doing so. I was not at the last meeting and I was not at the drop to make the transaction. I told them not to go I was dropped off at my place of WORSHIP and then went home to my wife. Not moving forward with them I thought I was SAFE.  I made the decision not to go in fear of being taking away from my family again, in Fear of God, but having faith in God that I and my family would be okay.

Unknowing they went forward with the transaction but I didn't. I take full responsibility for my actions, I should have never even discussed anything illegal, but at the end I didn't go. I made a choice at that moment, that my FAMILY is more important, I would not make that mistake twice and being taken away from them a second time would be tragic!" Omar attorney argued, "If you have a bunch of guys on a bike that’s about to partake in a crime and Mr. Teagle jump off the bike, then he cannot, should not be charged with that crime."

Omar was previously given an award from the Former Philadelphia Police Commissioner for community service along with other awards. Mr. Teagle provided the South Philadelphia community with a free camp given 100 Youth at Risk Academics & Sports along with Free shoes and Meals. He donated computers to schools, ran an academic challenge awarded the school who'd won with a $5000.00 check. He had AAU team rated #2 in the country and awarded that team with a paid trip to Disney. Which some of those who participated in the AAU & Camp are now in college a few drafted to NBA. Every year he'd also provided a Free Carnival for youth at risk in South Philadelphia closing down four blocks and providing rides, concert with celebrity guess, food all free! He and his wife fed and provided coats for the homeless yearly. Omar has paid hospitals bills, shelter several people including single moms. Not to mention he was one of the first Black African American to sign a multi-million dollar deal with the Royal Chief of Dubai, the contract was to bring back jobs to the US.  

Omar told the judge "I am not an animal nor thug, I'd helped thousands of people. I have five children two graduate college one just started college and two little ones that need me home. I coach them, pray with them I leads them, I am the protector of my family. I am 42 when I get release my daughter won’t know her father she'll be a grown woman. Judge please have mercy on me." The court was sound with everyone in tears including character witness Julius Irving Jr., with singer Patti Labelle son Zori Edwards who also showed up for support. Omar has been incarcerated now for four years plus... now that should be TIME SERVED for a man who almost committed a NON VIOLENT CRIME. 

Omar was raised by his single mother Catherine Teagle in the streets of south Philadelphia. At the age of six years Omar was told by his mother he was the man of the house. Our life growing up was rough our mother was very hard on us but put lots of PRESSURE on my brother as a child which cause him to grow up very quickly. We grew up in a house that was a Speak Easy (after hour hangout) with lots of traffic, alcohol drugs in our home. Me being his little sister I would wake up to him sleeping on the floor in my room across the door. When I got older he told me it was because of all the men in and out of our house that he was protecting me from preventing anyone to enter my room. 

Everything Omar starts out to do he gives 110 % and excels in everything. As a little boy, Omar went from bagging groceries bringing home his earnings to our mother. My mother sent him to Glen Mills as a teenager in fear of him getting in trouble or killed. He became and is now a Role model and Speaker for the school who received several plaques.  He started out as a sales rep at Block Buster Videos onto becoming the District Manager. He purchased his first home in Tampa FL with his first wife carrying his first born son but had to move back to Philadelphia when his wife took ill.  Omar became CEO of TEAGLE CO. involving with the music & clothing industry meeting and helping build their network such as Troy Carter  just to name a few.  

Omar is known for humbleness, generous a man who puts everyone before him. He is no animal, he didn't kill anyone, abused, rape, nor molest any children. He did not commit a violent crime. The Judge sentence Mr. Teagle to 16 years which was injustice after saying out her own mouth "I am sentencing you for the drugs that you almost distribute out through are communities." "ALMOST" is the key word, meaning he didn't, so how could a judge give out 16 years for a crime a man did not commit?! Please help us bring home a Husband,Father,Son,Brother, Friend and Mentor Omar Teagle Sr., an all-around Great man.  

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