Say No To A Casino at Gettysburg


The Battle of Gettysburg marked a turning point in the American Civil War and was a defining moment in our nation’s history.  For three days in July 1863, soldiers in blue and grey clashed at Gettysburg in what would become the bloodiest battle ever fought on the North American continent, with more than 51,000 soldiers killed, wounded or captured.

Today, Gettysburg is once again under threat – not from warring armies, but from those who would seek to desecrate the memory of the Americans who fought there by constructing a harness racetrack and casino less than three miles from Gettysburg National Military Park. This is not the first – or even the second – attempt by gaming proponents to locate a casino in the immediate Gettysburg area, but with your help, we can ensure that it is the last. 

A harness racetrack and casino so close to the battlefield is not only incompatible with Gettysburg’s solemn legacy, it directly endangers this hallowed ground by encouraging increased development along the southern gateway into Gettysburg, destroying the rural character that has for so long defined this region of Pennsylvania. With over a million annual visitors to Gettysburg National Military Park, this degrading of the visitor experience also threatens the heritage tourism economy that is the lifeblood of the Gettysburg community. 

Please sign this petition opposing a harness racetrack and casino at Gettysburg and add your voice to the growing number of concerned citizens who know that Gettysburg is a sacred place that must be preserved and protected for generations to come.  

This petition will be delivered to:
  • Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board
  • Pennsylvania State Horse Racing Commission
  • Freedom Township Board of Supervisors

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