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Proposal as developed by RaShawn Nelson KB9161 and Frank Ramirez BX4754

Objective: There is already a category for 1W and 1F (inmate classification) status in SB100. We thought of a way to create revenue while using this status to put a stop to certain outcries from the community.
The 1W status could be used for on site state work release. On each SCI grounds there is land not being used, What better way to utilize this land than to place trailers on them for work release. By using this land for this program, the DOC can create revenue to be used to fund other things.
The "old" pre release centers received funding from the state and either a 30% or $70 a week from each participant. With this program the DOC would collect the 30%/$70 a week.
The initial cost of the trailers would be recouped within a matter of months of the start up of the program. With the extra trailers the DOC would also create more jobs. After the program's initial start up it would pay for these new positions.
Basically this program could or would be the pre-release program but it would be called Work Release and it would utilize the SCI grounds and the 1W and 1F status already in the bill.
This program would allow inmates such as myself and Mr Ramirez to better prepare for our reintergration into society. By placing us in this program, allowing us to have a job when we are released.
Projected Revenue for DOC 28 jails x 100 inmates @ $70 per week = $196,000 wk or $10,192,000 per year for the state or DOC.
Will free up bed space in every prison, making room for offenders housed out of state or in county jails.
Community will be protected because offenders will be housed on state property
Creates jobs and state revenue
Helps offenders reintergrate into society
Eleviate some of the taxpayor money used to house inmates

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