Stop String Theory Charter School from Punishing A Single Mother

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The Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter School (PPACS), a string theory charter school, is threatening to dis-enroll Amin Branch because his mother, Nadira Branch, MPA, must return to West Africa to complete her Fulbright Public Policy Fellowship.

Nadira's request for an extended family leave of absence falls within page 41 of the school's student handbook, yet the school has vehemently denied her request. In doing so, PPACS is forcing Nadira, a single mother, to a) separate her family by leaving her 12 year old son to complete her fellowship or b) take her son with her and suffer the consequences of him being dis-enrolled from the only school he's attended since kindergarten.

We stand with Nadira because motherhood is a blessing and not a punishment. Nadira was one of only 10 scholars in the world to be named a Fulbright Public Policy Fellow in 2019. Her achievements should be supported and rewarded. No woman should be forced to choose between her career and her family. We are calling on the community to express unwavering support for Nadira and Amin.