Petition To Deny Parole To Baby Killer

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Bill McLaughlin
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On May 24th, 2005, Zachary Scott succumbed to internal injuries he incurred from Justin Kinne. Five days earlier, entrusted with Zachary's care, Mr. Kinne struck Zachary in the stomach - hurling him toward a coffee table where he hit his head. He immediately took steps not to help a 14 month old baby, but to cover up his crime. He said nothing over the next five days while he witnessed Zachary's mother grow concerned over and attempt to care for what she thought was her flu-ridden son. He said nothing as he listened to her multiple phone conversations with the doctor's office where she was advised to treat her son for symptoms of the common cold. He said nothing when Zachary, found unconscious, was being taken to the hospital. He said nothing when he died.

Mr. Kinne held a powerful key. A key that if used, would have ensured Zachary's recovery. Mr. Kinne decided not to use that key because it would have meant consequences for his actions, the well-being of a 14 month old baby be damned. His inaction was all for nothing as he received a prison sentence of 15-40 years, admitting to the crime only after being presented with insurmountable evidence of his guilt. Mr. Kinne is now up for parole.

Mr. Kinne attempted to get away with what he did for as long as he possibly could. This petition is part of Zachary's family's attempt to keep him away for as long as we possibly can. By signing this petition, you are helping us tell the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole that like Mr. Kinne, they hold a powerful key that they should also not use. Tell them his parole should be denied today and every day until he has served his maximum sentence.