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Tragically, Christian Hall is not the only victim of police brutality. It is unfortunate that the system continues to fail those who are seeking help and support but end up becoming the victims of this form of modern-day lynching. Please sign this petition to demand justice for Christian Hall and his family. 

Christian Hall was a 19 year old Chinese-American who was brutally shot by police officers while experiencing a mental health emergency on December 30th, 2020. 

Following Christian's death, authorities released a report claiming Christian was in possession of a firearm. When the police officers ordered him to drop the weapon, he complied but allegedly became uncooperative. It was stated that Christian reached for the firearm on the ground and pointed it in the direction of the officers causing them to fire at him. However, newly surfaced videos show that Christian had his hands raised at the moment authorities shot him. Despite Christian's death and the body camera footage, the officers were still allowed to return back to work.

"He was looking for help, but instead of getting help, he was killed by those who were supposed to help him." (Quoted by Christian Hall's mother) 

Christian's family and attorneys are demanding justice for Christian by...

  • Asking the Pennsylvania general attorney's office to hold a completely independent investigation on the case.
  • PROSECUTING the officers who murdered Christian Hall.

Source cited: Pennsylvania Teen Had Hands Up When Police Shot and Killed Him, New Video Shows