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PennDot, Berks County Commissioners, PA State House Representatives: Stop construction of the Maidencreek Township roundabout

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The construction of a roundabout at this particular location will be detrimental to the traffic flow for motorists looking to use 222 during their commute. While most research supports the use of roundabouts, it also cautions the construction of roundabouts in demographic areas that may not support this type of traffic pattern. Blandon is a very small town located between two large cities. Due to the heavy traffic this highway sees daily, there is a good chance for an increase in small accidents in the roundabout potentially adding hours to a motorists' commute. This has become the case in many towns in New York since the construction of roundabouts there where accidents have increased from 9.6 accidents per year to 38.5 accidents per year.

Additionally, in Kitchener, Ontario, a roundabout has caused up to 15 accidents per month. This is a sharp increase from the 17 accidents per year this town is used to. It has since dropped to 5 accidents per month (on average 1.25 accidents per week), brining the average yearly accidents to 60. However, this is still a significantly higher number of accidents per year than previously reported.


This is the only two-lane Roundabout that will be installed within 2000 feet of a major intersection, with a traffic light. When the traffic light on 222 turns Green, there will be two lanes of traffic that has been backed up going towards the Roundabout. This doesn’t include the traffic that will be backing up at Route 73, which will be headed to the Roundabout next. This will make it very difficult for people to get into the two-lane Roundabout.
The only other “evidence” PennDot has provided about the proposed roundabout is to compare it to the Marshall’s Creek roundabout… A roundabout that is still under construction (another issue motorists will have to consider) and can’t provide significant data about its effectiveness.

In addition, the roundabout will be detrimental to the small businesses located along Route 222 near Route 73 in Maidencreek Township. There are 21 businesses located along a quarter of a mile stretch of Route 222 that will be directly affected due to the major change in traffic patterns proposed by PennDot. PennDot's drawings for the project are deceiving as they refuse to acknowledge any existence of these 21 businesses who could be detrimentally affected by this roundabout. Please help us halt the development of this project and force PennDot to look at the much cheaper and more reasonable solution that lies with the traffic light at the intersection of Route 222 and Route 73.

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