A Call for Penn State to Reinstate Dr. Errol Henderson

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Fernando Munoz
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On January 16th of 2019, Dr. Errol Henderson, a professor at Penn State University published an op-ed titled "Being Black at Penn State." This article was based on his experiences with an institutional culture of racism and white supremacy at PSU. 

Because he took a stand against an abusive administration, Dr. Henderson was charged by the Department of Political Science with "creating a hostile environment." His white co-workers, uncomfortable with Henderson's continued confrontation of white supremacy in the workplace, reported him to the administration. In May of 2019, Dr. Henderson was BANNED from teaching, attending staff meetings, and speaking about his experiences with the system of punishment. 

When people of color speak about their realities to white people, it makes them uncomfortable. But your white guilt should not impact Dr. Henderson's career! 

We are calling on Penn State to IMMEDIATELY revoke Dr. Henderson's conviction. We also DEMAND an independent investigation into not only Dr. Henderson's charges, but also all disciplinary action taken against black students at Penn State.