Penn State IFC and Panhellenic Anti-Hazing Pledge

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Ally Scelzo
Ally Scelzo signed this petition

I, as a member of the Penn State Community, pledge to join others to recognize the harm that hazing can cause, both physically and psychologically. I join others to condemn the act of hazing, no matter the severity. I join others to move forward as an advocate for the prevention and eradication of hazing in our community and beyond.

I pledge to make any attempt in my power to prevent hazing when I am aware of its occurrence; to stop hazing when it is seen before me, to report it when I am made aware of it, and to embolden others in doing the same within their organizations, schools, and communities.

By signing this pledge, I vow to play my part in creating a safer, healthier, and better Penn State Community for all.
For our Community, For our Students, For our Families, and For our Future.