Penn: Give Students a Full Spring Break

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As students of the University of Pennsylvania, we implore you to reconsider your decision regarding the Spring Semester break.

Transitioning to full-time Zoom classes, for freshmen and upperclassmen alike, has been extremely stressful. Additionally, many professors have increased the workload of their courses due to the online format. Penn has opted to not proceed with the previously scheduled Fall Break, which would have provided a needed break for students and faculty during this extremely stressful time.

While we understand that there are many uncertainties about the Spring Semester, it is unfair to the students and faculty of Penn to not offer a Fall or Spring Break. For reference, Princeton is offering a four-day Fall Break, and Harvard is offering an eight-day Spring Break (as of October 1).

Students and faculty need a physical and mental break from academics and current events—one that is longer than two days.

Penn, please reconsider this decision and put the interests of your students first.