Respect OUR Beliefs/Medical Reasons

Respect OUR Beliefs/Medical Reasons

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Penfield Childrens C

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Started by Jolane Mason

WE the people/ parents of children who attend Penfield, are completely heartbroken with the decision that board members of this facility has decided to make*

No human being should be forced to be vaccinated against their will and/or personal/religious beliefs in order to keep their job…Especially when the same humans you are willing to fire/throw away as if they’re  garbage… has been loyal to your company for the past 5-20yrs*

We petition against making vaccinations of any kind mandatory for staff members who have strong religious beliefs/ medical reasons!

This includes forcing children to be vaccinated (once the time comes…because it’s obviously only a matter of time) in order to attend daycare as well* Penfield is a daycare specifically for kids with medical conditions who also have religious belief which means if you guys are willing to fire your staff who are dealing with the same reasons… then why would we as parents feel secure with our children attending your establishment…knowing that at any moment …OUR kids could be “terminated” as well  IF we refuse to have them vaccinated in the near future! 

Nurse Mel, along with other staff members who are being terminated deserves the opportunity to continue to grow with OUR kids who they have helped FOR YEARS by nursing them back to health when they were sick, teaching them how to tie their shoes..learn their abcs/123’s, & most importantly …LOVING OUR CHILDREN as if they were their own! 

Stare into their eyes as you sign their termination papers & see the unbearable pain you are causing  good people! They will be stranded without a job (for who knows how long) which in return will be a domino’s affect on their ability to provide for themselves/ families!

We realize that the vaccine mandate is intended to protect OUR children however we find this mandate to be unethical and against our educators’ human rights. Therefore we propose that any staff members who are not vaccinated simply continue what we’ve been doing which is wearing a mask*

You as the President/ Vice President/ Board Members have the POWER to make the RIGHT/ETHICAL  decision on the behalf of your employees who has been BEYOND loyal to YOUR vision for YEARS! 

We the people/parents is BEGGING the President/Vice President/ Board Members to have basic human empathy in order to reconsider this policy! 


Parents/ Human Beings*

147 have signed. Let’s get to 200!