Removing current caretaker & reform of the board Pendleton Baptist Church cemetery

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Changing the Board & Caretaker to the Pendleton Baptist Church cemetery, in Doe Run, Mo. founded in 1825, & to the best of any ones knowledge there has never been a charge for a burial plot & people of the area were allowed to mark the area for burial & for family plots, This seemed to have worked for the better part of 200 years..there has recently been problems with the caretaker of the property, denying family's of loved ones that have past to lay there loved ones to rest. There is currently one case that was that was featured on KMOV News, St. Louis, Mo. with the family trying to get her (The caretaker) to approve the plot next to her husband & son, so they can lay there 92 year old mother to rest.. Keep in mind this has been ongoing for over six months, which is terrible on this poor family & the local Funeral home that has been holding her body all of this time for this woman's approval. Her interview on TV showed her lack of empathy.. She has tried to block others from burying there loved one their but they somehow managed to go around the issue & was able to proceed as planned ..We are asking for signatures to present to the Pastor of the Pendleton Baptist Church, In hopes he would see it wrong what she is doing & hopefully replace her & the board, which is made up of her family members only.. Please help us change this most unfortunate & heartbreaking set of rules this one woman has chose to implement at her discretion. How can you call yourself a Christian & do this sort of thing, She is not even paid for this but has made it her mission to rule this cemetery as only she sees it should be.. Which is unfair to the people & loved ones trying to carry out there loved ones last request .. All signatures greatly appreciated..