Stop the Sale Of Land on Bailey Street, Earby for Housing Development

Stop the Sale Of Land on Bailey Street, Earby for Housing Development

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Annette Brown started this petition to Pendle Borough Council and

The Pendle Policy and Resource committee of Pendle Borough Council have taken the decision (28th June 2019) to partner with PEARL Housing Together and sell the land to the side of Bailey Street, Earby for use as housing development. This decision was taken without proper notification to allow residents of Earby to object to the sale and without consideration for the fact the site is not fit for purpose. We want this decision reversed.

Pendle Borough Council did place a small notification in the Barnoldswick and Earby Times to state all objections should be mailed (NOT EMAILED!!) to the head of legal services before a set date. However, for the residents who do not buy or read the Barnoldswick and Earby Times, this gave no advanced notice of the meeting or time to object. Not to offer an option to email objections in this day and age is a disgrace.

It seems they did not want the same level of objection received in 2018 when 3 sites (Red Lion Street, Aspen Grove and Bailey Street) were earmarked for sale previously. Residents were adequately forewarned in this case and were able to show the huge resistance to the proposal which ultimately was rejected.

For those who did object in time to this more recent proposal; it seems their objections were disregarded. This petition is to highlight the large objection to this decision and have the decision reversed.

Whether you are directly affected by this decision as a resident of the surrounding area or indirectly as a resident of Earby, there are many reasons this housing plan should not proceed as the consequences will affect the whole of Earby.

The main reasons that this site should not be developed are:

  1. The area of land is referred to as Springfield, this us due to a large natural spring underneath the ground. This spring is visible in the centre of the land where typical wetland reeds are growing and where the grass is left untouched by the grass cutters – due to the risk of the mowers getting stuck. This wetland habitat is important as:
    1. It acts as a natural water run off to prevent flooding to the housing on Wentcliffe Drive
    2. It is home to a variety of animals and bugs that are important to a diverse natural eco system
  2. Increased flooding risk due to the afore mentioned spring. This spring has been there for hundreds of years. To disturb it would lead to reoccurrence of water run off under the foundations of Wentcliffe drive as is what happened during the build of Aspen Grove.
  3. Earby has a deficit of open spaces (6. Amenity Greenspaces) as identified by an Open Spaces audit carried out by Pendle Borough Council in April 2008. This situation has only become worse as time has passed and Pendle Borough Council has continued to strip Earby of its resources. In this Audit, they even classed grass verges as open spaces in a move that can only be seen as trying to make the number of open spaces seem greater than they are.
  4. This area is used daily by dog walkers, parents walking their children to the local school and for children playing. Building on this site would put children attending Earby County Primary school in danger as:
    1. During the build they would be hazards caused by an active building site – machinery, tools, items left on the ground, etc
    2. After the build it would force them to take a longer route to school closer to busy roads
    3. Increased number of cars parked around the school
  5. Residents to Aspen Grove will be affected due to access issues due to increased number of cars.
  6. There are numerous more suitable brownfield sites for building new housing that should be considered first.  Alternatively, there are an abundance of empty homes in Earby. A more productive use of investment would be to work with the owners of these houses to modernise and offer as social housing if there is a need for social housing. This would not impact the greenbelt, flooding or increase the footprint of Earby.
  7. A large investment in Earby's infrastructure is needed before any more housing development is undertaken.  The strain on local resources is at breaking point. There is already added pressure from the new developemnt of the Old Library Building and Wardle Storys buildings.

Please show your objections to this plan and sign this petition today!

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