Reinstate Ms. Rose to 5th Grade STEAM at Desert Mirage

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Cheryl Rose joined Desert Mirage Elementary School in July 2009. She has excellent teaching skills and the respect of every student in her room. She is animated and playful. Most importantly, she has a strong commitment to academics and her students excel because of it.
This year has been challenging for Ms. Rose because of concerns regarding administrative mismanagement that affects students in her classroom and the other STEAM academies. These concerns were shared by other teachers and parents. Teachers and administrators have voiced and tried to resolve these concerns over the past year but to no avail. 
On September 11, 2017 Ms. Rose was transferred, effective immediately, to a different school, without an opportunity to even say goodbye to her students. The process by which this decision was made is unclear but appears to be a form of retaliation; Ms.Rose's advocacy for administrative transparency came at a cost. But letting Ms. Rose go sends a message to teachers across PESD that it is not okay to request administrative transparency and that being a great teacher is not enough. Transferring Ms. Rose sends a message to parents that the Administration does not have the best interest of students as their top priority. Transferring Ms. Rose sends a message to students that adults get in trouble if they stand up for others or themselves.
Because the PESD STEAM Academies are in dire need of teachers as qualified as Ms. Rose and because the decision to transfer her lacks transparency and justification, we are asking Superintendent Lily Matos-DeBlieux and the PESD Board of Education to reconsider the superintendent's decision and to reinstate her to the 5th grade STEAM position at Desert Mirage. We also call on the PESD School Board to work with parents and staff to create a behavior plan for the district administration that prevents situations such as this from happening in the future. 
Sign this petition if you believe in strong, honest, transparent public schools in Pendergast Elementary School District. Sign this petition if you support public education and the teachers that make it happen. Sign this petition if you believe Cheryl Rose deserves to be reinstated as 5th grade STEAM teacher at Desert Mirage.