Please save our Tennis Court!

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Our single remaining tennis court is at risk as Pencoed Town Council (PTC) plan on constructing a skatepark on it.

It is important to note that THIS IS NOT A VOTE AGAINST A SKATEPARK! This is a vote for retaining our tennis court. There are numerous alternative locations which could accommodate a skatepark meaning Pencoed would benefit from both facilities. Do we really need to sacrifice one to accommodate another?

A consultation was held approximately 8 years ago, and a skatepark was identified as a possible enhancement to Pencoed, but the consultation did not suggest that the town would have to lose existing facilities to accommodate it. A recent public notice in the Gazette noted BCBC intends to transfer the tennis court (described as ‘a parcel of land which comprises public open space’) to PTC. There is no mention of PTCs intention to destroy the court.

A petition in support of a skatepark was circulated some time ago, and many of us may have signed it. However, I’m sure that people would have thought twice if they had been aware of the planned location.

The petition made a number of valid arguments including the fact that Pencoed has very few facilities for young people to use. Where then is the logic of taking away one facility in order to provide another. Surely the more facilities available to our children the better?

The benefit of health and well-being was also argued, yet the removal of a sporting facility would surely be detrimental to the health and fitness of our residents, at a time when the local councils are so focussed on the issues of obesity.

The tennis court, albeit in a state of disrepair due to the failure of BCBC to maintain, is an asset to the whole community, which residents, young and old, can access free of charge. And while BCBC/PTC may assume it is unused due to its state of repair, I know many residents enjoy this facility and would be negatively affected by its loss.

I welcome PTC trying to improve our town, BUT improvement means the provision of additional facilities NOT the loss of one to provide another….. please PLEASE sign to save our tennis court! Thank you all.

(For those interested, the advertised notice in the Gazzette require all objections to the asset transfer be made in writing no later than the 13th July to the following address: P A Jolley, Corporate Director – Operational & Partnership Services, Bridgend County Borough Council, Civic Offices, Angel Street, Bridgend, CF31 4WB)


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