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Penalize ECP for Rigging in Elections 2013 - We demand Fingerprint counting of all our votes and where rigging was evident Re-Election from scratch!

We, the undersigned, call on the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take immediate action against Election Commission of Pakistan including Chief Election Commissioner and its members on account of inefficiency & massive rigging in Elections 2013.

We demand fingerprint counting of all votes across Pakistan and where rigging was evident, we want reelection from scratch.

The following members of election commission should also be punished as they cheated the whole nation and wasted billions of Rs of Pakistan.

Justice (Retd.) Fakhruddin G. Ibrahim (CECP)
Justice (Retd.) Muhammad Roshan Essani (MECP)
Justice (Retd.) Riaz Kiyani (MECP)
Justice (Retd.) Fazal ur Rehman (MECP)
Justice (Retd.) Shahzad Akbar Khan (MECP)

We need justice and we need to show how many people think they have been cheated by this fraudulent Election Commission due to which the whole nation is aggressively in front of each other fighting for their mandate. Election Commission is wholly responsible for this chaos and treason in our country.

Let’s unite under one flag and prove that we are not the slaves of treacherous Election Commission because we are one Indestructible Nation and truth has set us free!


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