Penalise referees and give 3 points to Kerala blasters fc.

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I would like to bring your attention to ISL match held on 2nd Nov 2018 between FC Pune city and Kerala blasters FC at Pune. 

The match was full of referee related controversies and mostly the wrong decisions went against kerala blasters fc. There were multiple instances where referee changed his decisions after being informed by players. 

Biggest mistake was a clear goal was denied to kerala blasters after allowing them,  the video reply showed that it should be either a goal or a foul kick or a penalty(since a defender and goalkeeper was touching ball with hand at the same time and ball was well inside). But none of it was given and it cost the team vital 2 points. 

Moreover,  there was many incidents where Pune players made nasty fouls and the players who fouled were not given any cards(instead cards were given to other players). Also there were fouls made by Pune players inside penalty box which were overlooked. To the irony,  a penalty was given in favor of Pune when there was a slight touch and over acting by Pune striker. 


Sir,  we fans are extremely dissapointed to see these kind of one sided as well as completly wrong referee decisions,  it will only help in distancing fans from league and it will do nothing good to indian football. We request you to look into this matter as soon and give kerala blasters the point they deserve. 

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