Name the Pen-Hi Gym, "The Keith Allen Gymnasium"

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Keith Allen ("Coach" to many of us) taught P.E. and coached at Pen-Hi for 32 years . A recent Facebook post of Coach Allen got over 300 "likes" and over 200 comments about how he touched so many. Most within the first day!

For 32 years he dedicate his life to truly making a difference in the lives of students. There isn't a student who went to Pen-Hi in those 32 years who does not have a "Coach Allen" story. He touched so many lives.

Coach Allen never sought out any recognition for his outpouring of love and compassion on everyone he met, but its time he got the recognition he deserves. The old gymnasium where he spent so many hours is now gone, but a new gym is in its place. Let's name Pen-Hi's gym after this amazing man who greeted everyone with a big smile and a HUGE handshake.

In life there are very few people can call you an "Ol' Hound Dog", and actually make you feel loved and accepted.