Stop promoting vulgarity through advertisements

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We the citizens of Islamic Republic of Pakistan want to highlight a serious issue about the spread and promotion of Vulgarity in and through commercial advertisements in the media.

Over the last few years the sexual objectification of women, inappropriate dancing and  indecent content in advertisements has been drastically increased. 

Due to these advertisements:

▪️Everyone of us, as an audience, face much embarrassment and feel awkward in front of our families. Because television is a medium, which families use to watch together. And we can only choose the channel or the program being telecast, we can’t completely avoid the Commercial Ads.

▪️Children and young kids get the exposure of inappropriate content and learn things that don’t belong to our cultural and religious values which includes whistling, dancing, double meaning and slang language.

▪️Graceful depiction of girls and young women has been reduced a lot and women are presented as just an object for tempting males around her.

▪️On YouTube, We get distracted in a very disrespectful way, while listening to Quran or any religious lecture when suddenly any inappropriate advertisement starts to play. 

▪️This message gets rooted in the minds of many that the woman should only be pretty, not be an intellectual; noticed for her perfect beauty, and not be respected.

The message delivered in advertisements has a powerful impact on the audience, it remains in the memory of viewers for a very long time. The advertisements must not include:

▪️Any indecency, whether in form of dance number or use of double meaning slang language.

▪️Sexual objectification of women.

▪️Inappropriate dressing of women. 

According to a Report of Unicef, the objectification and sexualization of girls in the media is highly linked to the violence against women and girls worldwide *

We highly demand the concerned authorities to take strict actions in order to stop promoting the vulgarity through commercial advertisements. The commercial advertisements must raise the quality of their content, and must depict our cultural, moral and religious values.